My SoCal Garden

Los Angeles County Gardens and Parkland


Demonstration Gardens

Demonstration gardens are generally small gardens intended to demonstrate some use of gardening, such as growing vegetables, drought tolerant or native landscaping

    Large Gardens

    Gardens large enough you could spend a whole day at. They most likely have concessions and a gift shop. They may or may not have charge admission


      Zoos are included in their own category. Most zoos have very relevant botanical landscaping and some are accredited as botanical gardens

        Natural Parkland

        Reserved parkland where native plants can be found in preserved habitat. This includes, but isn't limited to, state and national parkland

          Japanese Gardens

          There are a surprising number of Japanese gardens in LA County. There are actually many different styles of Japanese garden, some of these demonstrate multiple styles

            Community Gardens

            Collective gardening plots, often used to grow food

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